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The One and Only

Wolle Vest


“A lot of love went into the making of the Wolle Vest”

Simple. Sustainable. Hand-knit. Raw wool.

While visiting my family in Germany, I found my cousin raising sheep and his mother would shear them and turn their wool into yarn. My aunt took this raw wool yarn and knitted me a vest and I fell in love.

As a wardrobe stylist, the idea of making a garment so simply and with so much care made me want to bring them to my community. It is a staple in my closet as the perfect layering piece.

Since each piece is hand-knitted, each has it's unique texture and look. We hope that you appreciate the beauty of this vest as much as we do.

Comes in two colors.

It's taken a village to get the Wolle Vest by Bishop here today.

Special thanks to these folks for making this happen:

Director: Ethan Imboden Photography: Braden Summers Video Editor: Wylie Overstreet Model: Lara Pagnier Knitter: Annemarie Schnieder Art Direction/Designer: Micah Bishop

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